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It's insanely easy to get started.


Work Anywhere

There's no limit to where you can setup, benefit a community & start earning money. Big cities and small towns are made available to you with information about exactly how to setup in any environment.


Automatic Payments

Automatically get paid based on the amount of users on your network. Everything is automatically tracked and accounted for when you sign up using the WISP Wizard so you dont have to sell or advertise anything.


Build The Web

Benefit your community by bringing free internet to neighbors for miles around. Help us create a world where internet is available for everyone to use, whether they can pay for it or not.



Reading/listening to the book and signing up for the WISP Wizard arms you with the knowledge to do everything yourself, but we offer to do the hardest parts anyway. We handle sales, programming and digital maintenance entirely for free.

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FreeLynk The Book

The FreeLynk e-book and audiobook go through a step by step process on how to start, maintain and make money as a traditional ISP & a free WiFi ISP. Every step is spelled out from a birds eye view so nothing is left to interpretation. The book intentionally makes it easy to understand so anyone, from soccer mom to computer science major, can earn money creating their own network in a very short amount of time. You can be up, running and making money in less than a month.

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Find a network host, receive free internet

Ready to ditch the ISP and monthly internet bill? Find your network host and do exactly that.

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Find a network host near you using our network finder

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Connect to the internet using our FreeLynk antenna/access point kit

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View a commercial lasting just a few seconds when you connect to the FreeLynk internet

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Eliminate your monthly internet service bill forever, save money & support net neutrality!

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Unleash The Internet

The purpose of this project is to facilitate the general public in becoming network hosts to provide free internet connection to a significant amount of people, while earning income for themselves doing it. We've branded the project as a whole, "The FreeLynk Project." What the FreeLynk Project is meant to do is take the internet back into the hands of the people, instead of allowing a small number of corporations to continue monopolizing on our connections. When companies are allowed to monopolize an entire information network, they can lead to an information embargo or barrier. Traditional ISPs and governemt aren't doing the internet any justice, but with support of projects like this we can take back the power of the internet for ourselves and expand it the way the people depending it deem fit.